Wyoming’s Hidden Gems & Old West Getaway

Your Old West Oasis Awaits!

The West has fascinated folks for centuries. Pioneers blazed trails through lands unknown to “white man.” Homesteaders plodded west in covered wagons looking for land that would sustain a life. Cattle ranchers sought wide open spaces to grow their herds and hired cowboys to manage their growing cattle businesses. The transcontinental railroad connected the East to the West. And there’s one accommodation in the West that lets you experience the fascination of the old West today.

Fort Laramie Bed & Breakfast debuted in the spring of 2017 and was born of a love for the West, its incredible history and traditions, and the cowboy culture. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome from owners Kathy and Arnold Tollefson before being shown to your accommodations in a cozy Sheep Wagon or Tipi. Expect a hearty dinner your first night sourced from their very own ranch and followed by America’s favorite campfire treat – s’mores – all while enjoying the scenery of the night’s starry sky.

Awake in the morning to the smell of Cowboy Coffee roasting over the fire before hopping into the outdoor Cowboy Shower.  Step back in time and experience the perfect Western getaway. Learn more here

Sinks Canyon State Park: Land of the Disappearing River

Wyoming’s Wind River Country is known for many things. One of the best known destinations in the area is Sinks Canyon State Park, the place where a river disappears into a cliff wall and later reappears to continue gliding down the canyon.

The Middle Fork of the Popo Agie (Puh-PO-JHA) plunges into a great limestone cavern called the Sinks. It bubbles up into a calm pool a quarter mile downstream, called the Rise. The park, which has earned Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence, is also a great place for hiking, trail running, climbing and picnicking or camping.

Photo courtesy of Wyoming Office of Tourism

The “Hobo Pool” With All The Healing Powers

The Saratoga Hobo Hot Pool is a natural hot spring believed to possess healing properties. Indian tribes would lay down their weapons to partake the waters healing powers in peace. Today it is open 24 hours, seven days a week, even on holidays. On cold winter days you can soak up the heat while a light snow falls around you. In the summer, enjoy sitting in the “not-so-hot” pool before cooling off in the adjacent North Platte River. Picnic at Good Times park behind the hot pool to cap your day.

After enjoying a day of hiking in the nearby forest, soaking at the Saratoga Hobo Pool is the perfect way to comfort joints and muscles. The healing natural hot spring is open all hours of the day, seven days a week with local residents and tourist taking enjoyment in the pool. After the joints are relaxed, sitting in the adjacent North Platte River is the perfect way to cool down. A picnic at Good Times Park behind the hot pool is the perfect way to cap the day.

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