Wildlife-watchers will love a visit to Cody Yellowstone

Cody Yellowstone features some of the best wildlife-watching in the world. Yes, the world! The park’s Lamar Valley is known as “America’s Serengeti,” while Hayden Valley and the Wapiti Valley attract spotters looking to see many species of mammals and birds. The region is known for bison, elk, pronghorn, wolves, coyotes, fox, bighorn sheep, badgers, deer, bears, moose, mountain goats, eagles, ravens, osprey, pelicans, dippers and more. Extremely fortunate people will spot the occasional mountain lion or lynx.

If you really want to stretch things, look for “Snoopy the Dog” and “Laughing Pig,” two rock formations on the Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway between Cody and Yellowstone’s East Gate.

All of these animals will be in high demand in 2022 when Yellowstone National Park celebrates its 150th anniversary. The world’s first national park was created on March 1, 1872, when President Ulysses S. Grant passed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Law.

Other noteworthy events in 2022 include 20th anniversary of the Draper Natural History Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the 120th anniversary of the Irma Hotel, built by “Buffalo Bill” Cody and named for his youngest daughter.

Yellowstone National Park and the Cody area feature some of the best wildlife-watching in the world. Lucky visitors can spot wolves, bighorn sheep, bears, moose and much more. Photo courtesy of Cody Yellowstone Country

For more information on Cody, visit CodyYellowstone.org.