Visitors Come To Feel The Otherworldly Pull of Devils Tower


Wyoming’s epic landscapes have attracted visitors for decades. Hence, it is no wonder that Devils Tower gained its pop culture fame in Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” The movie became an instant cult classic internationally. Most notably, this film stands out in a world of manmade facades and special effects as a landmark crafted by none other than Mother Nature. The tower stands at 264,262 meters and hosts an otherworldly appearance.

Today, the otherworldly pull and Hollywood fame of Devils Tower has made it a cultural phenomenon. With the funds from the film’s creation, the landowners were able to open a campground and restaurant to host fans of the landscape and the movie. Campers are welcome to hike and climb the tower 24 hours a day, and at night they are treated to a showing of “Close Encounters” on a screen at the base of the landmark. Visitors leave with a new appreciation for the unique rock formation and a deepened curiosity about our place in space.

Devils Tower gained pop culture fame in 1977 with the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” and visitors still travel to see the otherworldly pull of this natural phenomenon. Photo courtesy of Wyoming Office of Tourism

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