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Miracle Seminole walks into her workshop and pauses before picking up brightly colored fabrics. In the Native American tradition, Miracle must begin with prayer and maintain positive and affirming thoughts while she is bringing a quilt to life.

Miracle learned the patient skills of selecting fabrics for the traditional eight-sided stars and how to put together the materials to form a quilt meant for warmth and comfort from her mother. Her mother continues to impress upon her the importance of putting good thoughts into the blankets, knowing they will be a blessing to the person receiving it.

The traditional star is always the starting place for each blanket. The sides represent the cardinal directions of north, south, east and west, as well as the four stages of life – infancy, youth, maturity and old age. From there, she works out towards the edges of the blanket.

In total, a blanket takes about two weeks to be designed and assembled. All the while, Miracle is pouring her positive thoughts into the materials.For more information on Miracle and her quilts, visit https://windriver.org/miracle-designs/.

Miracle Seminole learned the art of traditional Native American quilting from her mother, and each of her quilts begins with prayer and affirming thoughts. Photo courtesy of Miracle Seminole

For more information on Wind River Country, visit WindRiver.org.