Sustainability is part of everyday living in Montana


Sustainable practices thrive in Montana, not just through ranching and farming traditions but also through many types of Montana businesses that actively incorporate these principles.

An example of what one small business can do is found at Norris Hot Springs. Located just a short drive from Bozeman, this is a popular place for families to soak in natural hot springs. It is committed to preserving natural resources by offering local and organic food, much of it grown in their “Garden of the Gods” and served in their 50 Mile Grill – appropriately named because all food served comes from within 50 miles. By reducing the distance food travels, they can provide fresh, sustainable meals that support small farmers and suppliers, boost the local economy and provide the freshest, most nutritious food available. Their commitment to sustainability continues with direct use of their natural geothermal resource to heat their café. Solar panels provide energy for the kitchen and full-hookup campsites. Their staff arranges their schedules to carpool, and they recycle and re-use their logo cups.

There are many other businesses implementing these practices while showcasing what makes their home-grown Montana products so special. We can’t wait for you to visit them.

Norris Hot Springs near Bozeman combines family fun with local and organic food; solar and geothermal power sources; and a staff committment to sustainability. Courtesy Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development

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