Options Are Endless for Slow Travel in Glacier Country

What does slow travel in Western Montana look like? You could spend the day picking lavender in Lakeside or Florence and learning how to cook and make healing oils with your handpicked bushel of goodness. Or stop into a small town like Bigfork or Hamilton and shop for that unique souvenir. Plan a full-day workshop on plein-air painting with Glacier National Park as your subject; even people who don’t know how to paint will enjoy this relaxing activity and bring home a frame-worthy piece of art. Take an Indigenous cooking class and learn how native plants like elderberry and wild licorice, along with wild game, come together just as they did for the native Blackfeet.

The microbrew industry is more than alive and well in Montana, with 30+ breweries in Western Montana’s Glacier Country alone. Tour Missoula’s finest breweries with a downtown self-guided foot tour. Or, if you are looking for a less strenuous activity, River City Brews Rafting Tours lets you fill up a growler with your favorite brew and enjoy either the Blackfoot or Clark Fork rivers while sipping suds with 12 of your friends, or strangers who will become friends by the end of the tour.

Tour Missoula’s finest breweries on foot or, for a less strenuous afternoon, on the river with a Brews Rafting Tour. Photo courtesy of Glacier Country Tourism

For more information on Western Montana’s Glacier Country, visit GlacierMT.com.