Norfleet Gifford, Owner of Wyoming’s Only Female-Owned and -Operated Brewery

Norfleet Gifford has worked in breweries all over the U.S., but when it came time to own one, the only place she wanted to be was Cody.

Arriving in 2019 and after working at Pat O’Hara Brewing Co. (as it was called at the time) for several months, she became determined to buy it. In July 2021, she teamed up with friend Ariel Fishman, and her dream became a reality. The two hired another friend, Alexandria Cain, to run the brewery side of the restaurant. Pat’s is the first and only restaurant/brewery in Wyoming that is all-female-owned and -operated.

Located near Cody’s main street, Pat’s Brew House is a favorite destination among locals and visitors alike. Pat’s features a variety of ale-style beers developed from Cain’s original recipes. Its creative menu, which is changed four times a year, currently includes menu offerings such as Chicken Lollipops and a Southwest Grain Bowl, as well as two perennial menu favorites: Fish and Chips and Irish Egg Rolls.

The restaurant is among several stops along the Cody Yellowstone Sippin’ Trail, which connects the town’s favorite breweries, distilleries and eateries.

Pat’s Brew House in Cody is the only all-female-owned and -operated brewery in Wyoming. Photo courtesy of Cody Yellowstone Country

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