History Has Shaped Fargo-Moorhead for 10,000 Years

Less than 10,000 years ago, Fargo-Moorhead was 200 feet below the surface of Lake Agassiz, a vast inland sea formed at the end of the last ice age. Over centuries, the waters receded, leaving 2 meters of rich, black soil that today makes the Red River Valley one of the world’s most fertile farmlands, with Fargo and Moorhead as its center.

It may not have long ski runs or tall summits, but Fargo’s wide-open sky and flat prairie surroundings still make for some great outdoor adventures. You can kayak or fish on the Red River, or cross-country ski, golf, ice skate, bike, mountain bike or just hang out in one of Fargo’s many parks.

Dive into the history of the area by stopping by Bonanzaville USA. A history complex in West Fargo, the Cass County Historical Society Museum is made up of 40 buildings on 12 acres. Many of the buildings are historic structures from the region and have their own story. Explore the history of the Red River Valley, from Native Americans to the modernization of America.

The Cass County Historical Society Museum is made up of 40 historic buildings on 12 acres in West Fargo. Photo courtesy of Fargo-Moorhead CVB

For more information on Fargo-Moorhead, visit www.VisitFargoMoorhead.org.