Gravity is unbalanced and vinegar is tasty in South Dakota


Cosmos Mystery Area

Gravity seems completely out of balance in a unique wooded spot where balls roll uphill, volunteers sit on walls and people change heights on level ground. Located 17 miles south of Rapid City on Highway 16, Cosmos is open April through October.

International Vinegar Museum & Festival

Hidden in the tiny town of Roslyn is the International Vinegar Museum, the headquarters for the annual International Vinegar Festival. Vinegar tasting might sound weird, but it’s actually delicious, fascinating and very available at this festival.

World’s Largest Pheasant

This 28-foot, 22-ton pheasant made of fiberglass and steel has affirmed Huron as home of the World’s Largest Pheasant. From its beak to the tip of its feathered tail, this giant bird spans more than 40 feet!


South Dakota’s official state “nosh” or appetizer. These bite-sized cubes of seasoned meat (usually beef or mutton) are either fried or grilled on wooden skewers and can be found on pub and restaurant menus across the state. Popular chislic variations are served at Urban Chislic in Sioux Falls and Meridian Corner in Freeman. Those visiting South Dakota at the end of July can join thousands of chislic enthusiasts at the annual South Dakota Chislic Festival in Freeman.

Chislic, bite-sized cubes of seasoned beef or mutton, is South Dakota’s official state “nosh.” Photo courtesy of Travel South Dakota

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