Finger steaks, flow waves and fire lookout stays keep Idaho quirky



Idaho is no stranger to quirkiness. From creating the ultimate comfort food combo and reimagining recreation on the river to sleeping above the tree line, Idaho is proud of its peculiarities.

Finger steaks are a uniquely Idaho delicacy. You’ll find these battered, deep-fried strips of beef on menus across the Gem State. Various establishments have claimed to be the first to create these savory treats; but wherever they originated, it’s safe to say it was definitely in Idaho. For the full experience, dip your finger steaks in fry sauce – a perfect, punchy blend of ketchup, mayo, pickle brine and spices.

Idaho may be a landlocked state, but inland surfers near and far flock to its rivers to catch a wave. Multiple communities have made impressive surfing waves out of the state’s abundance of river waters, including Boise Whitewater Park, Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade and Lochsa Pipeline near Lowell. If you’re not ready to brave the flow wave yourself, river surfing is a great spectator sport.

Idaho has nearly a dozen fire lookouts – towers in remote areas formerly used to spot wildfires – that now function as the ultimate secluded and cozy overnight stay. Book most lookouts online at, or check Airbnb.

A basket of finger steaks, a uniquely Idaho delicacy, with a side of fry sauce. Photo courtesy of Westside Drive In

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