Explore Glacier Country with a llama as your sidekick


One of the most fun and unique outdoor experiences in Western Montana’s Glacier Country – not far from Glacier National Park – is llama trekking in the Swan Mountain range. Yes, llama trekking!

It’s an all-around lovable affair, and it’s eco-therapy for the soul. When you trek with a llama, you get to hike into the mountains or forest without having to carry gear or your lunch in backpacks, which makes hiking with kids and groups logistically easier and more enjoyable. Plus, llamas are pretty darn cute!

Everyone gets their own llama on a lead. By the end of the hike, you will be fast friends and will remember the experience for a lifetime.

These “Camels of the Clouds” trekking tours allow for a variety of timeframes within different trip options. For the most adventurous, choose a half-day or full-day trek, or even a multiday backpacking trip to pristine alpine lakes. A favorite trip is the three-hour evening “Wine and Cheese Llama Trek.”

Visit Swan Mountain Llama Trekking for all the details about this delightful and unique experience for all ages and athletic abilities.

Llama trekking in the Swan Mountain range is an all-around loveable affair. Courtesy Western Montana’s Glacier Country

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