Experience the larger-than-life roadside art in North Dakota


Have you ever seen a 38-foot-tall cow? How about a 26-foot-tall-buffalo? Or even a highway adorned with metal sculptures so large they seem to diminish within the sunset? If not, you more than likely have never visited North Dakota.

Larger-than-life sculptures can be seen across the state in almost every corner you visit. Whether the sculpture depicts the unique culture of the local community or the state as a whole, each and every one illustrates what it means to Be Legendary in North Dakota. Ranging from animals of mythic proportions to everyday objects and scenic monuments, the massive attractions are guaranteed to leave an engrained memory for anyone whose eyes behold this uniquely North Dakota art.

Some of the sculptures across North Dakota include the world’s largest buffalo; Salem Sue, the world’s largest Holstein cow; Wee’l Turtle, a giant turtle made from more than 2,000 wheels painted green; Tommy Turtle, the largest snowmobile-riding turtle; The Enchanted Highway, a 32-mile drive that features the world’s largest metal sculptures; and much more.

This is only a glimpse of what North Dakota has to offer. Make plans to visit and give your eyes a new perspective on what it means to be larger-than-life!

North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway boasts 32 miles of the world’s largest metal sculptures. Credit North Dakota Tourism

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