Experience local quirks all around the Great American West


There are some things everyone knows about the Great American West region – awe-inspiring geysers in Yellowstone National Park, free-roaming bison in North Dakota and the stunning colors of the South Dakota Badlands.

But the communities and states in the region also have their own unique quirks, and while they’re just part of everyday life for locals, visitors will delight in these peculiarities. From “finger steaks” in Idaho to mermaids in Montana, these include tasty regional foods, spooky stops and just plain unexpected opportunities. Read on to learn more about the quirks of the Great American West:

Idaho: Finger steaks, flow waves and fire lookout stays keep Idaho quirky

Montana: From ghosts to mermaids, Montana has surprises in store

North Dakota: Experience the larger-than-life roadside art

South Dakota: Gravity is unbalanced and vinegar is tasty in South Dakota

Wyoming: Everyone in Wyoming knows Steamboat, and he’s everywhere

Denver: Denver’s Mile High magic is on display everywhere


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