Delight in the quirky-named beers in Glacier Country


Montana has some quirks locals have become accustomed to, like casinos attached to gas stations on city corners or highway signs that say “next rest stop 97 miles” (um, I need to rest now!), but one thing we take particular pride in here in Western Montana’s Glacier Country is our micro-breweries (Montana is second in the U.S. for craft breweries per capita and was named the best state for beer lovers) and their quirky-named brews.

Missoula is Montana’s mecca when it comes to craft breweries, including Montana’s largest brewery, Big Sky Brewing, with brews like Moose Drool, Space Goat and Trout Slayer. KettleHouse Brewing features Cold Smoke, Double Haul, Eddy Out and Fresh Bongwater. Clothing Optional Hazy Pale Ale and Space Hippy can be found at Draught Works. In Lakeside on the shores of Flathead Lake, find Bear Bottom Blonde and Sip N’ Go Naked at Tamarack Brewing. Kalispell Brewing features Two Ski Brewski, and Whitefish is home to Basket Case and Cranky Sheriff 21 at Bonsai Brewing. Rounding out our quirky named beers is Cut Bank Brewery with Penguin Piss and Rail Spike. When visiting Western Montana, put at least one of these breweries on your itinerary for sure.

You’ll delight in the quirky-named brews at Montana’s many micro-breweries, with monikers like Moose Drool, Fresh Bongwater and Clothing Optional Pale Ale. Photo courtesy of Western Montana’s Glacier Country

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