Beyond the beef: Can you guess Cheyenne’s real favorite fare?


While thousands of people flock to Wyoming for a taste of the freshest steak in ranchland, the locals in Cheyenne will tip you off to a much different and perhaps unexpected culinary experience: green chile. Very few foods spark such an intense debate as this unique sauce. Nearly every restaurant has their own version of the gravy – and people are fiercely loyal to their favorite!

Poured generously over everything from burritos to fries to omelets, the gravy varies widely in consistency, spiciness and ingredients. The roux base is flavored with one or more of the seven varieties of green chile peppers, which determine the “heat” (spiciness) of the sauce. Many incorporate ground sausage or shredded meat, some are spoon-worthily creamy and others absorb into the food quickly, but all of them are a unique taste of Cheyenne.

Many establishments lay claim to the best green chile in town, so a sampling of the variations should be on your Cheyenne vacation to-do list. If you want to eat like a local, incorporating a breakfast burrito with the good stuff is a must. Keep an eye out for burgers, traditional Mexican dishes and a variety of side dishes, too. You really can’t go wrong!

Green chile-smothered breakfast burrito at the Luxury Diner in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Photo courtesy of Visit Cheyenne / Whitney James

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