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Huckleberries are everywhere in Yellowstone National Park

One local quirk of Yellowstone National Park is the infusion of wild-grown huckleberries into everything from milkshakes to bath salts. These tart, thick-skinned berries are a favorite of grizzly bears and tourists alike, and you’ll find huckleberry treats like jelly, gummy bears and more in gift shops around the park. Writer Jayne Clark says: “Visitors […]


Eat your way around Rapid City and its many local delicacies

Chislic The unofficial, and frankly delicious, state entrée of South Dakota is deep-fried, cubed pieces of beef or lamb. This mouthwatering appetizer is found in multiple Rapid City restaurants, but favorites include Minervas Restaurant & Bar and Dakotah Steakhouse. If you’d rather incorporate it into your main meal, try the Beef Bone Ramen from Bokujo […]


Finger steaks, flow waves and fire lookout stays keep Idaho quirky

  Idaho is no stranger to quirkiness. From creating the ultimate comfort food combo and reimagining recreation on the river to sleeping above the tree line, Idaho is proud of its peculiarities. Finger steaks are a uniquely Idaho delicacy. You’ll find these battered, deep-fried strips of beef on menus across the Gem State. Various establishments […]